Prototyping on an airfield

Today we visited a nearby airfield in Jena, which we want to use for test flights in the future. So far, we have always carried out these flights on meadows and fields in the surroundings of Jena. However, a real airfield offers more possibilities and is more suitable for test flights, especially because there are no civilians around.
Mr. Wolfgang Kuhnert welcomed us at the airfield and showed us around.

After the tour, including a visit to the tower, we used the time to start a few test flights. For this purpose, we attached the glider to a drone and dropped it at a height of 100 metres. The test flights were partly successful and partly instructive. The current prototype flew very well and stably, an older model (on which we actually wanted to test the controller further) flew unstably, which unfortunately prevented us from testing the controller.

All in all, it was a very eventful day and we are looking forward to the new opportunities and hopefully further cooperation with Jena Schöngleina Airport.

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