The SED is the Student Experiment Document and it plays a huge part in giving us an experience of how space-related projects work. In the SED we will be documenting all the required information about our project and to make sure everything will be in it there are SED guidelines we have to follow.

The three most important objectives of the SED are:

  1. to make sure our design can be checked in advance by the programme experts
  2. to show us how to document our experiment (or generally projects in the space sector) correctly
  3. to help us advance our skills for our future careers

There will be five versions of the SED in total. On for each milestone in the experiment process and one after the experiment’s launch. While we are working on the project our SED will be extended to fit the newest developments and changes.

Included in the SED will be the experiment requirements, all about our project planning, the preliminary design of our experiment as well as the tests we are planning to do and more.

Source of information: SED Guidelines provided by the REXUS/BEXUS Organisers

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